Our Business Partners:

Reliable Partner Co. Ltd. is a diverse marketing agency, established in 2004.  We focus on customer promotions, strategic insight, creative design, marketing campaigns, event management, and the design, production and sourcing of marketing related items, such as, premium gifts.


We would be delighted to meet your marketing needs. With the varied expertise of our professional team members, we can serve as your problem solver in the fast moving market. 



Four main teams are responsible for achieving our mission: 

  • The Sales Team aims to plan ahead to achieve desired results;
  • The Design Team aims to create unique graphic and product design concepts;
  • The Sourcing Team aims to source good products with the best pricing through good relationships with local and external factories;
  • The Production Team aims to monitor production procedures within the schedules.


With our wealth of experience and professional teams, we strive to provide you with customized services and marketing solutions. It would be our great pleasure to meet you, and discuss ways we can work together to help achieve your company’s goals.