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Reliable Event Management Agency in Hong Kong

Providing a wide range of marketing services as an agency in Hong Kong, event management is one of our major services offered to help our clients achieve their company goals. In-person promotion opportunities such as exhibition booths and well-designed and executed indoor and outdoor events are some of the most effective ways to introduce a new product or service to the market. If you’ve ever struggled to find the best way to plan or host a marketing event in Hong Kong, then what you need is a helping hand from a competent event management company like us.


Event Management Outdoor Promotion


Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Agency Ltd
Client: Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Agency Ltd
Job: NR26 Outdoor Signage
Le Meridien
Client: Le Meridien
Job: Signage & Lightbox
Standard Chartered Bank
Client: Standard Chartered Bank
Job: Marathon at Victoria Park
Le Meridien
Client: Le Meridien
Job: Le Meridien Cyberport Hotel Window Sticker
ZA Bank
Client: ZA Bank
Job:  ZA Bank Birthday 全城賀壽活動
Standard Chartered Bank
Client: Standard Chartered Bank
Job: Standard Chartered Bank Marathon @ Victoria Park
AEON Credit Service (Asia) Co., Ltd
Client: AEON Credit Service (Asia) Co., Ltd
Job: AEON x Ocean Park Halloween Photo Booth
New Town Plaza
Client: New Town Plaza
Job: Chill Park Storage Room Decoration
Unicorn Stores (HK) Ltd.
Client: Unicorn Stores (HK) Ltd.
Job: Outdoor Signage in Kolour Yuen Long
United Asia Finance Ltd.
Client: United Asia Finance Ltd.
Job: Roadshow Event
Cetaphil HK
Client: Cetaphil HK
Job: Mini Truck for Cetaphil Sample Event
The Bank of East Asia
Client: The Bank of East Asia
Job: Fancy Van for DBS Cards Promotion Event

One-Stop Event Agency in Hong Kong

As an event management agency based in Hong Kong, we will cater to all of your needs and do our utmost to bring your vision into reality. We are experienced in making your product or service stand out with excellent exhibition booth design and well-planned conferences, exhibitions, interactions, in-mall promotions, outdoor promotions, or bus ads. Save yourself the hassle and headache by assigning a premier event management company in Hong Kong to take care of all the planning and implementation for your next big occasion or campaign.

As a one-stop marketing and event management agency in Hong Kong, you can count on our company to accommodate all aspects of your event and marketing journey from top to bottom. We cover all parts of event marketing as an agency, starting all the way from design development service to execution and management. Discover more of our design development product offerings here

Enjoy peace of mind and stop pulling your hair out calling various vendors with the assistance provided by a professional event agency like Reliable in HK. Our seasoned exhibition design team is here to help with our comprehensive knowledge of your products or services.


Frequently Asked Questions About Event Management


What is Event Management?

Event management encompasses all the processes that revolve around successfully hosting any organized gatherings. A competent event management company in Hong Kong like Reliable often takes up the entire event management process from start to finish. This can include but is not limited to: logistics leading up to and during the event, managing staff, balancing financial matters, procuring vendor relationships, and more.


How will my exhibition booth be designed and executed?

Exhibition booths are an extremely effective way to engage your target customers, especially if they are arranged with proper planning, design, and preparation. However, designing an eye-catching exhibition booth is an intricate process that involves many different areas of expertise. Creative elements like graphic design and the careful selection of equipment and furniture that matches your brand’s story will make a world of difference for an exhibition booth, but they can only be materialized if the technical challenges are met and overcome. Details such as mounting and installation, lighting and electrical distribution, carpeting, customization of equipment, compliance, and liaising with the location’s management can all have a significant impact on your exhibition booth’s design and execution. Working with an experienced and professional event management company can help ensure that these things are taken care of.


Can You Do More than What is Listed Above?

Yes! As an all-round company, we pride ourselves on providing and implementing some of the most creative strategies for event management in Hong Kong. If you have a unique idea that you would like to try and execute, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. We want to hear from you!


I Don’t Think I Need Event Management. Why Should I Hire You?

Depending on the size of your company and the scope of your marketing goals, it’s possible you may not need an event management agency in Hong Kong. However, there is so much more that needs to be taken into account when planning and implementing a successful marketing event than you normally think of. Consider this non-exhaustive list of potential tasks in the event management aspect before deciding on whether hiring an event agency in HK is suitable for you:

  1. Selecting/reserving venues
  2. Exhibition planning and booth design
  3. Coordinating with external vendors
  4. Acquiring permits and insurance
  5. Ensuring compliance with health & safety standards
  6. Monitoring the event
  7. Developing contingency plans


Planning an event or exhibition but need help on preparation, logistics, booth design & production, or other event management challenges? Have any questions or inquiries? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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